Saturday, December 6, 2008

Alaska 2008

Johnny and I decided to do a quick last minute trip to Alaska. We had some days off and thought why not. Alaska was a lot of fun. It was cold but fun. We flew into Anchorage and stayed a night there. If you ever make it up there. There's a great place to eat called Humpy's. It's a local place and the environment was fun. You could really imagine what everybody does here when it's dark 23 hrs a day. Hang out with friends at the local pub.

We drove down Turnagain arm one of the top 10 prettiest drives in the U.S. to a small town called Seward. Great place to visit. It's a small town surround by mountains on Resurrection Bay.

We did see some wildlife. Yes, bears can climb trees.

We went on a fun but cold 3 hr cruise through the bay and into the Gulf of Alaska.
It was beautiful. There were all these secluded cabins that you could hardly see. They were hidden by all the trees. The only way to get to these cabins is by boat. There is no electricity or running water. We thought it'd be fun to stay in one.
On this cruise we saw lots of Eagles, Porpoise, a Mountain Goat , Otters, Beavers, Sea lions, and lots of jelly fish.

We drove down to Whittier. Lets just say there is much to be desired in Whittier. It was a depressing little town. The only way in and out of there is through a long tunnel (the longest in the U.S.) you take turns with a train. But at least I can say I've been to Whittier. The scenery is pretty the town is not for example..

Here are some random pictures.

Bear Glacier

Alaska was a great idea. It was a lot of fun. Can't wait to go again. Oh and the Fish and Chips are excellent up there.


Cari Payne said...

YEAH!!! So Glad to see you on here! Welcome! It will be so fun to be able to see more pictures and your little belly grow with that adorable baby to be! Luvs, Cari

Brandi said...

welcome aboard!!

u can call me R-foo said...

welcome to the blog world! i love it. make sure to blog all about your pregnancy. sadly, i didn't really start bloggin until after Allie was born. i sooo regret it! you think you'll always remember how crappy you feel. lol. and how wonderful. but you forget! it's the one thing i wish i'd been better about.
congrats again, sweetie! i can't wait to see your baby. :)

love ya.

Jen B. said...

Love the pictures. Would love to go there some time.

Jeff, Chelsea & Rustin said...

yeah! I am glad you are starting your blog. I could not figure out you myspace thing. How exciting for you being prego and all. Congrats! Keep in touch!